Data Exchange Terms of Service

Use of the RCS Data Exchange Service and associated software (hereinafter referred to as "the service") is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The User shall utilize the service for the sole purpose of exchanging databases with other authorized users of RCS software and services. The User may not use the service to send unsolicited email messages of any kind.

  2. The service is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

  3. User acknowledges that all Internet transmissions are to some degree insecure and that the contents of their data transmissions are subject to interception.

  4. RCS shall make every effort to ensure the integrity of its servers to prevent access to stored data by unauthorized parties or agents. User shall avail themselves of the Private Password feature of the service to encrypt the contents of the data to maintain security.

  5. RCS is not responsible for damages or loss, direct or consequential, resulting from the loss, deletion, corruption, interception or transfer of data to other users or agents by way of the service, from failure to notify recipients, from unavailability of the service due to technical problems or maintenance, or from difficulties with Internet transmissions which may impair the service.

  6. RCS does not currently impose a limit on the space your data uses on the RCS server. RCS reserves the right to change the allocation per user in the future, based on system demand, bandwidth limitations or for any other reason.

  7. RCS reserves the right to change terms of the service at any time for any reason and without notice, including the option of charging for the service or optional portions thereof, or to discontinue the service entirely at any time. Changes to the Terms of Service shall be posted at this web address.

  8. RCS may deny access to the service to particular individuals or to specific IP addresses, address ranges or domain names based on evidence of abuse of the system, of attempts to compromise the security of the service or intercept the data transmissions of other Users, for attempts to deny the service to other Users, or for use of the service in a manner not in accordance with these Terms of Service.

  9. RCS makes no guarantees of performance with regard to bandwidth, upload or download times, or timeliness of email notification.